Hallowell Law Firm’s attorneys specialize in the areas of commercial, corporate and general business law.

Hallowell Law Firm’s commercial and corporate law experience includes the representation of corporations, partnerships and other forms of business entities engaged in a variety of operations, including manufacturing, real estate  development, international trade, and financial services throughout East-Central Europe.

The Firm’s lawyers render a full range of legal services to our corporoate clients, including:

  • formation of limited liability companies and stock corporations, partnerships and other legal entities;
  • structuring, planning and completion of mergers, acquisitions and asset sales/purchases;
  • performance of due diligence with respect to domestic and international corporate transactions;
  • preparation, review and execution of contracts, leases and other documents;
  • dissolution or winding-up of enterprises, corporate ventures and partnerships.

Some examples of commercial and business law transactions carried out by Hallowell Law in recent years are:

-Representation of a commercial and business law matter in Russia in which a major Finnish investor sought to invest in a Russian power company; the firm handled the due diligence aspect of the transaction;

-Representation of a major Swedish construction company with the sale of a Ukrainian subsidiary;

-Negotiation of the construction agreement for a Czech property development in Kiev, Ukraine and the related commercial and business law aspects of the transaction;

-Negotiation of the privatization of the largest food producer in Estonia;

-Review of commercial and business law matters concerning a financial lender and Forex trader in Georgia and Dubai;

-Review of commercial and business law matters in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with respect to the acquisition of a three large breweries;

-Commercial and business law due diligence in Poland with respect to the acquisition of a Polish food manufacturer by a Finnish company.

-Negotiation of corporate law issues connected with joint ventures at Tallinn, Estonia Airport and St. Petersburg, Russia, municipal transport company;

-Review of commercial and business law matters for a British shipping company in the Baltic states;

-Due diligence in Poland with respect to commercial and business law matters as well as environmental due diligence for an acquisition of a construction products company.

Other examples of international corporate matters may be found under “Services for Corporations” on the home page of the firm.