Hallowell Law Firm assists its clients with representation and advice concerning inheritance matters including probate of last wills and testaments, filing of foreign wills and testaments with notaries, and preparing probate applications to courts so as to provide for the inheritance of property by the heirs of an estate.

Hallowell Law Firm have assisted German, Russian, United States, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Canadian, British, Italian, Israeli, Ukrainian, Australian, New Zealand, Dutch and Argentine clients with inheritance matters in recent years.

Among the inheritance cases in which Hallowell Law Firm has represented clients are the following:

The Law Firm represented a family from Argentina with an inheritance matter concerning a pre-War home in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. The Law Firm’s attorneys assisted the Clients to regain possession of the home, which had been nationalized by the Soviet Union.

The Law Firm represented a family from New Zealand with an inheritance matter concerning property in Kiev, Ukraine and assisted the family with the court proceedings, division of the land, and re-registration of the property in the Ukraine Real Estate Register and cadastre.

In Poland, Hallowell Law Firm represented several families from Israel relating to inherited land and property in Krakow, Lodz and Warsaw. The Law Firm’s attorneys represented the Clients with regard to filing claims for the restoration of ownership rights based on wills drawn up by the testators after World war II.

In Poland, the Law Firm assisted a Polish family from Australia concerning the re-gaining of property in the suburbs of Warsaw based upon a testament drawn up after World War II and the Law Firm successfully petitioned the Polish Government to restore citizenship to the Clients as the property in question was zoned as agricultural land.

In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the Law Firm successfully represented clients from The U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Sweden, and other EU nations with inheritance matters and the restoration of ownership rights, the re-registration of shares in Baltic corporations, the re-registration of land and buildings, and inheritance matters connected with the negotiation of agreements with local municipalities.