Hallowell Law Firm cooperates with leading attorneys (barristers) in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine and in Poland, who are able to undertake commercial and business litigation and arbitration (as the case maybe) on behalf of the Firm’s clients.

These attorneys have considerable experience in a wide range of litigation and arbitration matters, ranging from customary commercial practice associated with general representation of corporations and partnerships and disputes arising out of commercial transactions, to litigation involving work-place injuries, environmental disputes, non-competition enforcement, intellectual property matters, title insurance matters, equipment and other leasing litigation, landlord-tenant disputes, and real estate.

The Firm assists its clients with the engagement and supervision of legal representatives undertaking litigation and arbitraration matters throughout the region so as to ensure that the Firm’s clients are adequately represented in national courts and before relevant judicial tribunals.

Among the Hallowell Law Firm litigation and arbitration matters in recent years, we may note:

-Representation of a leading United States manufacturer of defense matters in arbitration in Estonia with respect to a defense procurement matter;

-Court proceedings in Latvia with respect to the enforcement of German court judgement in an inheritance case (through the Latvian Supreme Court level);

-Representation of a leading United States bank in Latvia in a case involving fraud;

-Court proceedings in Kiev (through the Appeals court) to judgment involving proceedings in a real estate matter;

-Legal proceedings in Warsaw district court involving a dispute over the inheritance of property by a Canadian citizen and a claim of fraud;

-Representation of a British firm in Lithuania involving the fraudulent sale of shares.