The Firm has offices in New York and Philadelphia.

The Firm provides advice and counsel concerning:

  • United States laws regulating foreign investment;
  • New York State corporate law (corporate incorporation and foundation agreements, corporate mergers and acquisitions in the United States, shareholder agreements, reorganizations, and divestitures);
  • United States and New York State banking and securities laws;
  • Federal and New York State laws governing and regulating corporate and individual income taxation;
  • New York State commercial law matters (distribution and sales agreements, franchise agreements, guaranties, security arrangements);
  • International trade law;
  • Public international law;
  • New York State laws governing real estate;
  • United States Federal laws governing transport (customs and transit regulations, shipping laws);
  • Federal Import and export regulations;
  • Federal Intellectual property law (patent, trademark, and copyright law);
  • New York State and Fdereal employment laws (employee contracts and employment agreements);
  • New York State inheritance law.


New York

The Graybar Building

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300

New York, New York 10170

Phone: +1-646-696-5151



Mellon Bank of New York Building

1735 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103, Pennsylvania

Phone: +1-646-696-5151